Wanban is a professional manufacturer of TPU products, such as protective film for car painting, microporous membrane, and so on


Our products: high-strength high-elasticity functional films,protective film,surface protective film,car protective film,which are specially used in automobiles, mobile phones, televisions, photovoltaics, clothing, sewage and air purification.

Custom Protective Film Product Surface Protective Film
Custom Protective Film Product
Protective Film Supplier Car Protective Film

TPU Car Protective Film Supplier

Surface Protective Film Custom Surface Protective Film Manufacturer
Custom Surface Protective Film Manufacturer
Custom Car Protective Film Custom Car Protective Film Manufacturers
Custom TPU Car Protective Film Manufacturers
Protective Film Wholesale Supplier Surface Protective Film Supplier
Protective Film Wholesale Supplier
Custom Protective Film Custom Cell Phone Protective Film
Custom Cell Phone Protective Film



In 2013, Wanban developed large-diameter and high-strength thin film and started mass production, becoming one of the few protective film manufacturers in the world that have mastered the core technology. 

The people we joined have the entrepreneurial spirit of a "screw" and are unswervingly focused on new nanotechnology materials to chieve extreme professionalism in order to produce high quality surface protective film and car protective film products.

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