Wanban is a professional manufacturer of TPU products,car protective film,screen protection film,microporous membrane,

Guangdong Wanban Nano Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangdong Wanban Nano Technology Co., Ltd. has registered the international trademark "Wanban" in the United States.


 Established in March 2006, Wanban Nano Technology  Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of TPU products. We have won the "national high-tech enterprises" certification, with 11 domestic product innovation patents and 3 kinds of international innovation patents.


Our products: high strength and high elasticity functional film, dedicated to automotive, mobile phone, TV, photovoltaic, clothing, sewage and air purification and other fields.


Our factory: has two production bases covering an area of about 10,000 square meters.


Our future vision:A WANBAN film changes your life.

Development History

In 2006, from a rental house to move to a 20 square meter shop officially registered;
In 2008, moved to shunde Licun industrial zone to expand business scale;
In 2012, purchased the office building of Zhongshan convention&exhibition center and established the international business department;
In 2013, developed large-diameter and high-strength thin film tubes and started mass production, becoming one of the few manufacturers in the world that have mastered the core technology.
In 2015, ISO9001 quality management system was introduced.
In 2017, company developed a highly elastic waterproof permeable membrane (over 100 million micropores per square meter) and mass produced it, becoming the first domestic manufacturer to master this core technology.
In 2018, company moved to Nanlang industrial zone of shunde to expand production scale;
In 2018, the district government attached great importance to the visit and guidance of the factory, and awarded the "national high-tech enterprise", which obtained certain financial support from the government and support from various policies.
In 2018, the company has developed the non-yellowed optical film and put it into production, becoming one of the few domestic and even global high-tech enterprises that have mastered the core technology.
In 2019, capital increase and the introduction of shareholding reform.
2020 to the future, we hope to gather a large number of like-minded "armor warriors" to realize the common value of life together, so that the enterprise can be listed successfully and serve all mankind!


Our products have successfully passed the HTV OEKO-100, SGS, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, CE, ROHS,  ISO14001, auditing,

which make more efforts in enhancing the quality ideology and working capabilities of all the staff.

We have advanced high-quality manufacturing equipments imported ensuring to achieve 100% excellent quality and high customer satisfaction.



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