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Ten thousand changes invests the heavy investment research and development nanofilm

Ten thousand changes invests the heavy investment research and development nanofilm


In other companies also followed the momentum of the epidemic impulse into the melt-spraying PP non-woven market, guangdong wanwen-sure decisively from the fundamental improvement and upgrading, in order to create physical and mental health of people to choose better materials for nano-scale non-woven research and development.

The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, non-porous and breathable, waterproof and wet-permeable, soft and silky, with good skin feel; High and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, water resistance, washing resistance, aging resistance, anti-static, good tensile strength; Anti - wind and anti - bacteria odor, suitable for a variety of composite process, comprehensive performance is good.

Through the industry production "full chain", to create you and me.

With the research of application field, it is found that this product has wide application range

It is mainly applicable to daily clothing fabrics, medical equipment, military defense and electronic products.

Daily clothing materials: diapers, physiological pants, t-shirts, bags, high-end raincoat, high-end anti-cold clothing (anti-cold jacket), sportswear shoes, hats and gloves (lining), gift bags, mobile phone wipe, ball liner, sports insoles, sleeping bags


Military defense: military uniforms, fire clothing, field tents, life jackets


Medical equipment: masks, protective clothing, medical gloves, surgical towels and curtains, etc


In the near future, more and more nanofilm produced in guangdong will fly from here to the whole country to the whole world.

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